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Overview Of The Admissions Department

The Admission Department is considered the entrance to the University, and it plays a significant part along with all its units in the Deanship of Admission. The following are some of the major duties it carries out.

  • The early preparation for the admission process
  • Oversee the electronic admission process, the result of the final admission, and enter the student information on the academic system.
  • Handling the intake, processing, evaluation, and determinations of submitted applications from prospective students interested in attending the ICT University
  • Accepting candidates who were granted a scholarship through the scholarship program according to the type of scholarship given in accordance with the university regulations.
  • Determining student applicants’ admissibility to the University according to our eligibility criteria. Evaluates transcripts and assign students to appropriate academic units
  • Advises potential students on admission requirements and options, transfer/articulation, and related issues. Providing consultations with prospective students when requested.
  • Organizing and filing recruitment documentation.

Admissions Requirements




Admissions Procedures

To complete your application for a Doctorate degree program at the ICT University, both in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and in Business Management and Sustainability (BMS), please ensure you provide the following documents: 

  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  •  Authenticated Copy of Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalence
  • Authenticated Copy of Master’s Degree or Equivalence
  •  Three Letters of Recommendation
  •  Candidate’s Statement of Purpose

Apply for Admission

Spring 2024 applications are now open

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Admission Statistics